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thestoryofawallflower ([personal profile] thestoryofawallflower) wrote2015-09-13 11:09 pm


so now it's sunday night. Time flies huh.
ughh Monday.
But I'm prepared, I've shopped today XD

I'm talking to a stranger right now and listening to the script, oh whale.
Tomorrow I'll see Obrad again&I'm not looking forward.
Okay so he was the 'bf' of ma homie baezel, and he hurted her. Fuckboy XD.
And now(a couple of days ago) he started to be clingy to me(let's just keep it to that(it was not only clingy if ya know what I mean).
So I told him we're not going to be/do anything(and he can fuck off XD(which he did, stupid fuckboy)).

I don't even care you know. Not only about him, I serioulsy don't care about anything(except for like 20 people and dogs and bosnia). It scares me how much I don't care about things. But I'm okay wiht it XD

Gonna sleep byee