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2015-09-12 03:52 pm
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Hey everyone.
So I'm new on dreamwidth, but I already like it.
I'm kinda gonna use it as an online diary.

Today's saturday and I should be learning, but here I am, watching Awkward and exploring dreamwidth. Oops.
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2015-09-12 11:42 pm
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Bedtime rituals

Hey again.
This is the second time I'm writing today.
It's saturday night(11:26 PM) so it's time for my bedtime rituals(long story, let's just say it's time for reading, listening to music and watching series in bed). So right now I'm listening to Ed Sheeran and thinking, thinking about a question: what defines you? It seems pretty easy, but it isn't. It isn't at all.
I can't even answer the question because I don't know how. Even if you think you know everything about yourself, sometimes it seems like you don't know yourself at all.

Anyway, I have to study some English words before I can go to bed(speaking about that, sleeping is such a nice thing, your dreams take you to a whole different world, another place)so I'm gonna do that now.